SEATTLE Will Wednesday night s shooting in South Seattle bring retaliation? Police have said it appears gang related, and one expert in gang violence prevention said that means, more often than not , more bullets will fly.

Whenever there is a gang shooting, we know there is probably going to be another shooting soon after, said Gabe Morales, who has spent 30 years dealing with gangs.

Two men were shot in Wednesday s shooting; both will survive. But will the next victim?

It is an ugly, often bloody tit for tat among rival gangs. And Morales said as more gang members locked up in the sweeps of the 1980 s and 1990 s are released from prison and try an reclaim their old position within a gang, they are the targets.

Sometimes that does happen, Morales said. You can t rule anything out.

Morales said this need for instant street justice is often among angry, young men, who would rather settle the score themselves as judge, jury and executioner than wait for the legal system.

A lot of kids unfortunately don t trust the legal system, the judicial system, Morales said.

When asked what is the best start to stop the cycle, Morales replied: It would be nice if we didn t have so many guns in the hands of kids.

Something he knows is easier said than done.

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