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With the Seahawks going to Super Bowl XLVIII, led by Pete Carroll, we took another look at he question Who were the college coaches that had the most success in the NFL?

That turned out to be a not-so-easy task. Remember that scene in Police Academy 3 where Sgt. Tackleberry blows a giant hole in a faulty pay phone, then asks the lady who was using it if she could identify her quarter? It was something like that.

So, to make this list a little more susbstantial, we ve included some of the college coaches who were busts or are still works in progress in the NFL.

For the purpose of keeping this list manageable, we re including just college head coaches who made a direct jump to NFL head coach.

Click here to see the gallery if you are on mobile. And yes, we realize we may be missing a name or two from this list.

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