Calls to free a Western Washington native imprisoned in Nicaragua are taking on new urgency.

The family of Jason Puracal says his health is deteriorating as he waits for a new trial on charges of drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime.

The family has petitioned the United Nations to ask for intervention from a Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Puracal was arrested Nov. 11, 2010.

He moved to Nicaragua ten years ago with the Peace Corp. He fell in love, got married and then started his own family and a career in real estate.

He was doing well until his business was raided almost a year and a half ago. Since then he's been kept from his wife and son.

I wouldn t wish this hell on anybody, his sister Janis Puracal explained. We ve made this request to the UN requesting help, immediate help, before Jason dies from these conditions.

Puracal said her brother has been denied edible food and potable water and necessary medical care at a prison outside Managua.

She said the food served by the prison has caused her brother to develop a stomach condition that will not get better unless he gets proper food and nutrition.

Supporters have started a petition on Puracal s behalf on the site

The family believes Puracal will eventually be released but they re concerned he may not survive long enough to see that freedom.

My biggest fear is he s going to die in prison before I can get him out, Puracal said.

His sisters are heading to Nicaragua this week to visit Puracal and take him nutritious food.

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