BELLEVUE, Wash. -- When it comes to badminton, its almost impossible to beat the Knights of Newport High School.

Newport's badminton team has won six straight league titles, and a dozen more over the last few decades. What's more, they haven't lost a match in five years.

Freshman Vickie Chen is considered one of the top juniors in the world. She's won competitions all over the globe.

Badminton can get really intense and its the fastest racquet sport, says Chen.

The athletes want others to know about their fast-paced, non-stop, hard hitting sport.

A lot of people think badminton is kind of weak and kind of lame, but you watch these girls who are nationally ranked and it will change your mind, says senior Abby Seethoff.

These kids are just amazing, says coach Barry Levine. Every day Icome into this gym is a great day for me.

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