Districts around Western Washington are asking voters Tuesday to approve or renew more than 85 school levies and bond measures.

Many of the levies will continue to pay for essentials like gas for school buses to heating, but some educators admit asking voters to approve taxes could be tough.

Some districts like Granite Falls got creative during this special election to get out the vote. Students made a video and posted it on YouTube and Facebook to show what the levy would pay for, from books to lights to athletics.

On Tuesday's ballot, Granite Falls is asking voters to pass two levies, which amounts to almost 25 percent of the district's operating budget.

For the average homeowner in the district, they're paying nearly $800 a year in school levy tax. Some teachers worry these levies could be a tough sell when families are struggling to feed their kids and pay their mortgage.

I think my biggest concern is people may not know where these monies are going to and how valuable they are, said Debra Howell, teacher. For us in the classroom, technology is a huge part of our day.

The levies need a simple majority to pass.

For more information:

Washington State Secretary Same Reed - Elections and Voting

State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website

KING 5's Teresa Yuan contributed to this report.

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