EVERETT, Wash. -- A suspected burglar was shot dead by a homeowner inside an Everett home Monday.

Snohomish County Sheriff's deputies said the burglar broke into a house on the 10500 block of 21st Avenue Southeast at 11:45 a.m., believing no one was home. The suspect was confronted by the homeowner, who was armed, and after a confrontation, deputies said the suspect was shot and killed.

A number of recent burglaries in Snohomish and King counties have occurred during the daytime.

Deputies said it is possible the home where the incident occurred was targeted because there was no car in the driveway and a newspaper in the lawn, appearing to be empty.

The following tips were provided by Lynnwood Police to help prevent home burglaries:

  • Don t hesitate to call 911 if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood
  • Organize a Neighborhood Block Watch with your Police Department to learn more about safety
  • Have a burglar alarm system installed by a reputable company and use it. Post alarm stickers on windows and yard signs outside to let would-be burglars know you re protected
  • A dog in the house, even a small one that creates a disturbance, helps deter a burglar
  • When you re away from home, leave lights on inside to create the illusion that someone is home. Lights on in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom make a home look occupied any time of the day or night. Turn on your television when you re away or your radio to make it sound like the residence is occupied. Inside lights on automatic timers are also effective
  • Keep all doors and windows closed and locked and use strong dead bolt locks on outside doors. Put fitted dowels in the tracks of your windows and sliding doors to keep them from being forced or lifted out of the frames. Lock up even if you plan to be away just a few minutes and don t leave notes on the door announcing when you will return
  • Consider opening window blinds/curtains during the day so people can see if something suspicious is going on inside your home, and if you re home, you have a better view of suspicious activity on your street or at a neighbor s house
  • Keep doorways and the outside of your home well lit and consider installing motion sensitive lights around the perimeter
  • Lock up ladders and tools which could be used to break into your home
  • Trim shrubbery around windows and doorways, to remove potential hiding places for a burglar
  • Keep a home inventory list of your valuables and record serial numbers of electronics and cameras, etc. Making a video tape of the valuables in each room is a good way to keep a record of what you own. Store this visual record in a secure place. Engraving your driver s license number on your possessions, helps deter burglary and also serves to prove ownership, should articles be stolen and recovered by police
  • Don t hide keys in obvious places such as above a doorframe, under the welcome mat, in the mailbox, in or under a planter or flower pot. It s best to leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor who is usually home or hide it very creatively in the back yard
  • When you re away on vacation, either stop your mail or paper or arrange for a neighbor to pick them up each day. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway and arrange to have your grass cut, if you re gone for any length of time. If you live in the City of Lynnwood, sign up for the FREE Vacation House Check service where volunteers will come by daily to make sure all is secure
  • Make sure your house number is noticeable and well illuminated to help police or fire personnel find your home quickly in an emergency
  • If you arrive home and it looks like your place has been burglarized, don t go inside. Call 911 and wait outside for police to make sure it is safe
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