SEATTLE -- The man who authorities believe killed a park ranger Sunday was angry and suicidal, according to court documents filed last year by his ex-girlfriend.

Benjamin Colton Barnes, who was found dead Monday at Mount Rainier National Parkafter allegedly shooting and killing Margaret Anderson, had a 1-year-old daughter.That child's mother sought sole custody of the girl last year, claiming in court documents thatBarnes gets easily irritated,angry, depressed and frustrated. She said Barnes sent her a text message in July that said, I want to die.

She also claimed Barnes had a lot of weapons in his home, including firearms and knives. I am fearful of what Benjamin is capable of with the small arsenal he has in his home and his recent threat of suicide, she said in court papers.

Barnes lived in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood, on Minor Avenue East, until last summer, neighbors said.

Federal investigators stopped by that apartment complex Sunday night to see if anyone had seen Barnes recently, neighbors said. But no one has seen him since he moved out last summer.

He was quiet, kept to himself said neighbor Jason Barbier.

He never talked to us, never made eye contact, said Melanie Hall, another former neighbor.

The Seattle Times reported that Barnes served in Iraq but received a misconduct discharge at Fort Lewis after he was charged with driving under the influence and improper transport of a privately owned weapon. His service ended in fall of 2009, the Times reported.

Barnes is originally from Riverside, Calif., according to his Facebook profile. All of his family lives in California, his ex-girlfriend wrote in court papers.

One of the tattoos on Barnes' stomach is the trademark raincross for Riverside, reported The Press-Enterprise in Inland Southern California.

Another one of his tattoos shows hands forming the letters L and A in sign language, which might be a reference to nearby Los Angeles, said Gabe Morales with Gang Prevention Services. (Authorities do not believe Barnes had any connections to gangs.)

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