Until now they admired the beauty of Mount Rainier from a distance.

At least six months of training. And dreaming.

The moment's here, says Lee Harmon, one of the climbers.

Lee s teammate Rolls Martin points to the top of the mountain.

It s right there, he says with a smile. And we ll be there.

You might say it took a lifetime to get here.

I just can t wait to get up there and look out and see all that I ve never seen before, says Marcus Jackson.

What a journey! The men would have to climb out of homelessness first. Conquer their drug addictions next. And then, put in the hard work, every day, even to get to this point.

Only three of the original seven men from six months ago made good on their promise to attempt this climb. Scott Sowle, Marcus Jackson, and Rolls Martin. Add Lee Harmon to the team. He was once an alternate.

No more, he says. Today s the day.

And now add another member -- Lamar Jones. He s in because others dropped out.

I m very nervous, says Jones. Yeah very nervous.

They re ready to take their first steps. First stop is Camp Muir, the halfway mark to the top of Mount Rainier. Anyone who s tried this trek knows not everyone makes it to this midway point. These determined men do.

But who makes it ALL the way to the summit and who doesn t? We invite you to watch our story.

And whether they make it to the top or not, they have already proved that they can do what others never dare.

Now the question is can they prove they can climb out of homelessness and their addictions once and for all? That's another mountain.

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