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Did you know that bees pollinate about one-third of our food supply? Those busy little creatures have a lifespan of about six weeks and in that time they will produce roughly one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. Ninety percent of bees are worker bees which are female. The males bee's sole purpose is to mate with the Queen Bee so that she can keep the colony going - she will lay roughly three-thousand eggs per day.

They start out as 'nurse bees' and they nurse other larvae to maturity. They will then graduate to hauling nectar and pollen loads through the hive and putting them in the right places. Then they move on to become a 'guard bee' where they will guard the front of the hive from robber bees and eventually they'll become a field bee that goes out to do the foraging which is the most dangerous job and it's the last job they have before they die said Brad Jones, President of the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association.

Puget Sound Beekeepers Association encourages people to make their backyard bee-friendly by planting lots of flowering plants. If you would like to foster a hive in your backyard visit

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