CARNATION, Wash. For the third time in the last few months, Lisa Eppley is evacuating her horses.

It s a huge inconvenience, she said.

The Snoqualmie River will jump its banks again, thanks to heavy rain in the mountains and in the lowlands, and likely flood Eppley's farm in the middle of the valley. It s becoming such a common occurrence, her husband has made a hobby of telling neighbors when to head for the hills.

It s live, said Geary Eppley, as he set up his web camera and streamed the view outside his window to viewing Internet public.

Floodzilla as he calls it, has been up and running now for a couple of years, and he says, aims to provide a picture and immediate information for people who live and work along the Snoqualmie.

Really helps people on their toes and not get caught underwater, he said.

Dani Weir, at the Carnation Golf Course considers herself one of Eppley s fans.Wednesday, she was pointing at the screen, and trying to figure out what the flows meant for her business.

We wake up, and go to the website, and see if we can get into the course, Weir said.

The river is expected to crest near major flood stage on Thursday afternoon.

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