SEATTLE - An alarming letter was sent to Charles Tomaras from the UW Medical Center letting him know that someone had stolen his personal information, including his Social Security number, credit card number, birthdate and address.

It doesn't even look like a bill. It's nothing that would have caught my attention, he said. I was just a little bit put back that they wouldn't have called me to let me know this information but instead would have just put it in a non-descript envelope and mailed it out.

The hospital says the information of up to 210 people could be compromised and thought a letter was the best way to get the information out to the largest number of people.

KING 5 sources tell us the UW Medical Center learned of the theft after King County sheriffs found the personal information inside thehome of a convicted felon who was being arrested for violating parole.

The man's girlfriend works for NCO Financial Systems, a company the medical center uses to process patient payments.

They say they don't consider it a big risk, but I might want to freeze my credit, freeze my credit history, said Tomaras.

Tomaras is also upset that he could have been victimized twice because the hospital sent him a copy of his personal information.

My credit card number isn't redacted from it. It's right there for anyone to see, so if somebody was accessing my mail or whoever stuffed the envelope and did that work on their end, obviously this stuff is floating around, he said.

The employee at NCO was arrested and could face felony charges in the case.

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