TACOMA, Wash. - Before Rickey Hinton faced a judge on charges for helping Maurice Clemmons, Hinton first faced family members of one of the Lakewood police officers Clemmons killed.

Wearing t-shirts reading, You will not be forgotten, two of Ofc. Greg Richards' children and his sister-in-law sat in the front row of the Pierce County Courthouse during Hinton's arraignment.

He has no conscious, said Richards sister-in-law Melanie Burwell, He doesn't care.

Hinton is one of six people investigators say helped Clemmons after the Sunday morning shooting.

According to court documents, Hinton helped coordinate Clemmons' run from the law, lied to police about knowing where Clemmons was, and instructed his 12-year-old grandson to delete all of Clemmons' phone numbers from Hinton's cell phone.

Hinton is held on $2 million bail.

Ofc. Richards has been identified as the officer who struggled with, and then shot Clemmons, during the shooting at the Parkland coffee shop.

Burwell plans on attending future court appearances.

We want to face them, said Burwell, Greg faced them. Those officers faced them. That's what they'd want us to do.

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