SEATTLE - Reaction in the south Seattle neighborhood to the fatal shooting of police officers murder suspect Maurice Clemmons ranged from disbelief to relief.

As the morning light came, more of the people who lived around the 4400 block of S. Kenyon Street where the shooting occurred gathered to look at the scene.

It's just a tragedy for everybody, said Natalie Danielle.

The Rainier Valley neighborhood is a residential area, full of familes. School busses came and went around the crime scene.

Some people were relieved for their own sense of safety.

By me standing here on this corner, and, you know, going out walking, you didn't know what kind of person this was, said one woman.

Others, however, were glad that the search for Clemmons was over.

Well, I'm glad it's over. I['m glad it's quick, said a woman walking by the scene. I'm glad they found him quickly, yeah.

You know I'm always sad when a life is lost, even if it's a criminal. But, he deserved to die, said Danielle.

Danielle's feeling was heard expressed over and over.

I'm glad. I'm glad that he's shot and killed, said a worker in the area. They just took someone that is very dangerous out.

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