PUYALLUP, Wash. -- It's a big pain for Chief Warrant Ofc. Milam Jeans, a JBLM soldier trying to get his car out of a Puyallup towing lot. It was stuck there as he was being transferred to Alaska from Germany and the company handling that move went bankrupt.

But after Jeans was rejected rejected in front of KING 5 cameras Wednesday, there's been a change of heart by the towing lot holding his vehicle.

Jeans is now on his way home to Alaska right now. He got his prized BMW back Thursday night, but only after contacting KING 5 and legal advocates at JBLM.

Jeans got the call Thursday afternoon that 1st Chance Towing was releasing the car. Attorneys for the towing company and from JBLM worked out the somewhat complicated holdup. The Alaskan shipping company Jeans hired to move his car went bankrupt, leaving the car in limbo. Once that was sorted out, Jeans got his BMW.

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On Wednesday, 1st Chance Towing refused to give Jeans his car. He and his family are moving to Alaska. He was reassigned by the Army from Germany. He hired a company to ship his BMW to the U.S. When they disappeared, the car was stuck in a lot shared with First Chance Towing.

Jeans called KING 5 News and Puyallup police to try and get this resolved. Now it is.

I'm ready to go, said Jeans. I like Washington state, but I want to go back to Alaska where it's home.

First Chance indicated it was releasing several other cars in that lot in the same position as Jeans'. But the problems may not be over. Washington's Department of Licensing says it is looking into the company to make sure it's operating legally. KING 5 asked the company that question Thursday; it said it is.

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