Firefighters took advantage some wet weather Tuesday to try to gain the upper had on the Carlton Complex fire.

This is a dirty burn, said firefighter Sean Collins. It's dry grass, old grass, fresh green grass, and it's not burning completely, which is a hazard.

The called Black Canyon is center court for the showdown and the attempt to stop the Carlton Complex fire from moving down the hill towards Chelan.

Crews flown in from out of state are tearing up the root system and building a buffer to prevent a spark from spreading.

If it gets into the roots of the trees, it's still a path to smolder, said Collins.

And while crews work to build the trench they have to be careful for tree stumps that can ignite the wildfire once again on a moments notice.

Abby Bolt is the division supervisor for the west flank of the fire. She said Tuesday s conditions - light rain, no wind - allowed for a lot of work to be done.

This is a huge day, we all talk and say today's the day we're going to knock a bunch of this out, she said.

With a change in the weather pattern looming, the crews will take the small victory in the struggle with the elements.

Bolt said Tuesday was so key because of the cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and little wind. It helped to cool the ground and prevent the fast spread of the fire line.

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