SEATTLE - Neighbors say crime has increased in the last few weeks at Gilman Park in Ballard.

MaraLenagie set up a surveillance camera on her property, and she captured video of a man stealing a car near the parkon Sunday.

Just in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, we saw multiple neighbors walking past right before it and right after it, saidLenagie. We were totally shocked.

In addition to theft, neighbors say drug use has been on an upward spike.

On the corner near the park's entrance, four drug needles were found in the grass Thursday afternoon.

Basically it has turned into a drug hub for the local area, said a resident.

The Seattle Police Department's North Precinct reported that complaintsabout crime in the park were receivedon Monday. Tuesday an officer met with the community block watch, according to SPD. TheNorth Precinct has increased patrols in the Gilman Park area to address the neighborhood's concerns.

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