Kathleen Donovan and Greg were married for 18 years. Greg says Kathleen is best described as a fighter who wouldn t give up on anything or anyone.

She's going to win no matter what. I liked her that way. She reminded me to get off my butt, recalled Greg.

Kathleen was a long time cancer survivor. Sadly, she passed away in September 2011.

She did not want to lose the battle to cancer, said Greg. She turned into a real fighter and you didn't want to get in her way about anything.

After recovering from his greatest loss, Greg started paying off and closing Kathleen s accounts, including her cell phone bill with Sprint. But the company can't seem to get it done and said he still owes more than $300.

They have admitted several times that these charges are inappropriate and claimed to have reversed them and I have email notifications that they have reversed the charges, explained Greg.

The emails show Sprint reversed the charges one month but hit him with new charges the next. He's been to the store and sent the company his wife's death certificate. And just when he thought it was all over, he was sent a collections notice. That's when Greg called me and I contacted Sprint.

Two days later I received a letter from the company saying: We have spoken with Mr. Donovan, apologized for the delay and resolved the matter.

If you are trying to close a cell-phone account call the company, send in all of the necessary paperwork, check-in at the store and verify the status of your account. Greg's wife's was stuck in a future cancellation status.

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