SEATTLE - Tammy Lanphere stepped inside, on a sunny day, to watch her favorite band, and say Thank You.

Lanphere has been grieving since the Oso Slide last month. Her uncle, Bill Welsh, lost his life March 22nd. The Arlington resident was at a home near Steelhead Drive to help a friend, when the massive slide occured.

He was a really loving, caring, very funny, natural teacher, for people, said Lamphere on Sunday night, just before a benefit concert at the Columbia City Theater. Organizers put on the show, featuring several live bands, to raise money for the United Way of Snohomish County. They were still tabulating the donations on Sunday night.

Lanphere says it is important to keep telling the story of the slide, and of the victims, like Welsh.

We want closure for other families, it's not just our family that is hurting, she says, We don't want people to stop and forget about whats happened, because we still have work to do, people to find, questions to be answered.

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