When it comes to your phone, do you suffer from app overload? While there may be some that you can do without, we want you to know about seven apps that could benefit your health.

Smartphone health guide:

1. Johnson and Johnson recently launched Care-4-Today Mobile Health Manager to remind patients when to take their medicine. Users enter their daily drugs and doses, and the free app sends a reminder. Caregivers can also receive an alert if a dose is missed.

2. The American Heart Association s Pocket First Aid and CPR walks you through common first-aid scenarios like choking, burns and bites.

3. Symple Symptom Tracker lets people with chronic diseases record symptoms and drug side effects.

4. Avva developed at Stanford University helps breast cancer patients keep track of appointments, procedurs and treatments.

5. KidsDoc lets parents analyze their child s symptoms and decide when to seek emergency help.

6. If you are looking for fitness motivation, GymPact lets you make a deal with other users. If you live up to your goal, you make money. If you don t, you pay.

7. With Fooducate you scan items at the grocery store and you can find out how healthy they are.

The Pocket First Aid and CPR along with the KidsDoc both cost a dollar, but the rest are free.

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