SEATTLE -- It s been five weeks since Seattle began construction of the new seawall. And a popular Pioneer Square restaurant is getting hammered by it.

Picture the romance of Little Italy at the corner of Yesler and Alaskan Way.

For 25 years, Al Boccalino has been a spot for a romantic meal.

Would you consider this romantic? said owner Luigi DeNuzio.

DeNuzio is talking about the noise from the pile driving that is so loud, you can barely hear what he's saying.

We move inside.

His restaurant is empty at lunchtime.Business is down 80percent.

DeNuzio wants the city to compensate him.

I have to pay for dishwasher, cook and waiter every day out of money that don't come in, he said.

SDOT says it is speeding up the work and scheduling breaks in pile driving to help nearby businesses.

As for compensation, the city says impacted businesses can file a claim for damages.

The pile driving portion of construction is scheduled to end on April 8.

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