DARRINGTON, Wash. -- Volunteers are determined to keep helping with the search effort with many spending every spare moment in the slide area.

Sometimes what seems like the smallest tasks turn out to make a big difference.

Three brothers from the Seattle area traveled to Darrington to lend a hand doing a very mundane task. In the search effort in the landslide area, chainsaws are perhaps the most important tool.

Governor Jay Inslee on Sunday mentioned how important the local loggers are to the search efforts.

The personnel out there, through Herculean effort again using a lot of volunteers who are loggers who understand how to build roads through difficult conditions, Inslee said. We've been able to use their expertise to build access roads.

It's so critical for them to have fresh, sharp blades, to get their work done, said John Schwartz.

Schwartz and his brothers, Rob and Steve, knew they could help with that. They're not professionals, but they wanted to give the pros a break today.

So probably for us, it might take 8 or 10 minutes per chain, Schwartz said.

In a 6-hour day, the Schwartz brothers knocked out about 40 chains.

With the work they're doing up here, they go through them very quickly, he said. We have cars parked at two different park-n-rides spread up and down the 405 corridor.

But now they are here. They are but just a small part of the rescue operation. But to the loggers and firefighters working at the slide, they are an invaluable part of the team.

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