ARLINGTON -- It was still 30 minutes before the beginning of a candlelight vigil for Oso mudslide victims, but Jimmy Maines kept pacing around the Legion Park gazebo.

Earlier in the day, he was part of the volunteer effort to search the slide site for victims, and survivors.

It's total devastation, said Maines. It's like nothing I've ever seen. The kids. The kids is what gets to me.

Maines joined roughly 200 people at the park for the vigil, describing his heart as totally lost.

Ineed people around me, he continued. Icouldn't sit at home alone right now. I'm still processing.

The vigil itself focused on looking to the light , as a local pastor led the group in prayer. They all sang Amazing Grace and shared hugs and tears.

As the crowd dispersed, most realized their collective emotion soothes themselves, friends and victims' families, but the news could still get worse.

Tuesday probably won't be the last vigil.

I've never felt this way, said Maines, I've never seen anything like this.

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