Renewed interest in the death of Kurt Cobain has prompted Seattle police to review the decades-old case. And they found a few new and interesting details.

Next month marks the 20 year anniversary of Cobain s death, so media outlets from around the world started submitting public records requests for information in the case.

So the detective on the case back in 1994 pulled out the file and found four rolls of never before developed film from inside Cobain s house the day he died.

One of those pictures, released by police Thursday, appears to be Cobain s stash of heroin and collection of needles found within arm s reach near his body. Skin cream, a cigarette butt and a can of root beer can also be seen.

Nothing is significant about the picture other than it has never been released. The remaining pictures, police say, are simply duplicates of pictures already released.

Cobain's death still captivates people around the world, even the conspiracy theorists who believe the grunge music star and front man for Nirvana was murdered.

Detectives have found no new evidence to suggest this was anything but a suicide.

On April 8, it will be 20 years since Cobain was found dead in his home on Lake Washington Boulevard East. Fans from around the world were shocked and dismayed by the news.

Even today, detectives are still amazed at all the attention the case gets.

A typical homicide or suicide, we wouldn't normally have this kind of evidence today, said Detective Mike Ciesynski, Seattle Police Department. This would have been long, long gone, and with a high profile case like this, it s good we did it

Read more details on the photos from the Cobain investigation on the SPD Blotter.

KING 5's Jake Whittenberg and Liza Javier contributed to this report.

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