The game is still days away, but lot of Seahawks fans are already en route to the Super Bowl. On Wednesday, we found one 12th man who traveled to New York to work on a special project for the NFL.

Jeremy Mangan grew up in Kent and is a lifelong Seahawks. He went to graduate school in New York, and during his time there, he worked at Okamoto Ice Sculpture Studio in Queens.

These days, the artist lives and paints in Tacoma and also works at the Tacoma Art Museum., but his former boss still looks to him for help when a big job comes along.

Yeah, he called me in November, said Mangan. So when he gets a big job, like this, like the Super Bowl and needs more help, he'll call me.

The job Mangan first learned about in November was to help Okamoto Studio create a series of ice sculptures that will be on display at the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

He says he was excited about the opportunity, even back then. The excitement only grew when Mangan realized his favorite team would be playing in the game.

It makes it even more fun, he said. I mean, it'd be fun anyway, great to be here, but it's super, super fun that the hawks are here.

The week leading up to the Super Bowl, Mangan and two other artists are essentially carving ice around the clock. The work with blocks of ice that are up to 500 pounds, inside a room that might as well be outside, it's kept so cold.

Still, Mangan wouldn't have it any other way.

Right after the NFC Championship, I texted them and told them to save all the Seahawks stuff for me. I wanted to carve all the Seahawks stuff, he said.

As for the sculptures that involve the Broncos' logo, he lets his coworkers handle those.

Seahawks fans headed to the game can catch Mangan in action on Super Bowl Sunday. In addition to the sculptures that will already be on display, he'll be doing live carvings at the stadium.

He does not yet have tickets to the game.

I'm still hoping for it, you know, there's always a chance, he said. It's fun to be a part of it in any way whatsoever.

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