Christine Tang's freezer is a red hot issue in her home.

It just stopped working. The power light was still on so we didn't know there was a problem, said Tang.

The freezer stored Christine's breast milk, needed for her prematurely born son Daniel.

Unfortunately, it's all gone - 600 ounces of mother s milk. It s irreplaceable, explained Tang. And it makes me very sad and any mother who sees this can relate.

The freezer was still under warranty. The label on the appliance said Igloo, so Tang called the company.

It's an Igloo brand freezer, but it turns out Igloo allows another company to manufacture it under its license, so they want nothing to do with this issue, said Tang.

The company who manufactures the freezer is Curtis International out of Illinois. It wouldn't allow a local repairman make repairs. Instead the company offered another suggestion.

The company told me to ship it across the country to their warehouse in Illinois at my own expense plus an additional check for $7 for their handling expenses, said Tang.

I checked with UPS and it would cost $114 to ship the freezer to Illinois. For $65 more Tang could just buy a new one.

They have to know that people are not going to go through the expense of shipping it when it's about the same price as a freezer, said Tang.

You can avoid this situation by checking a product s warranty information before making the purchase. Home Depot puts it right above the specs. As for Christine, she called me and I spoke with Curtis and Igloo. Both companies were quick to take care of her.

They offered to get me a new freezer, to repay what I got for this one and compensation for the lost milk, explained Tang.

Christine is happy this is over so she can get back to her child and not be frozen out by her warranty.

Igloo sent us the following statement about Christine's case:

The cooler that Christine purchased was manufactured by Curtis International. Curtis International licenses our brand for their freezer/cooler products. The Igloo brand has been synonymous with quality coolers since originating the category in 1947, and we stand behind our products whether manufactured by us or a licensee. We have contacted Ms. Tang directly to address and resolve the issue to her satisfaction. We take customer service very seriously at Igloo and have spoken with our licensee to prevent similar issues in the future.

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