King County has a new plan to save Metro bus service and repair roads, but it will be up to voters. King County voters will likely get the chance to vote on a county transportation ballot measure in April.

If the state Legislature won't fund transportation, King County will do it themselves. The cost to save Metro? About $11 a month per King County household to keep the buses rolling.

Because the state Legislature failed to pass a transportation bill, King County elected officials announced their plan Tuesday for local Metro funding.

King County voters will be asked to approve a $60 vehicle fee and a 1/10th of a cent sales tax increase. The King County Council will also consider a 25-cent bus fare increase and a first-ever reduced fare of $1.50 for low income riders.

King County Executive Dow Constantine says it's time for the people of King County to act.

Without new funding, Metro will begin cancellations of 74 bus routes in June. The measure will raise $150 million a year. Sixty percent of the revenue will go to Metro and 40 percent will fund roads in cities and unincorporated King County.

The King County Council will likely approve the proposal. It will go to voters in April unless the Legislature passes a state transportation bill before that.

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