Hundreds of people who support the $15 minimum wage gathered in a Seattle labor union hall Sunday.

Definitely, most definitely we need it, said Frank Williams, who is unemployed with a family of five to feed.

Jobs just aren't out there. If they are, they don't pay a living wage, he said.

Most everyone at the rally had a story of how a $15 minimum wage in Seattle would help.

You see rent going up and up and up but our wages are not going up and up and up, said Kaitlen Mark

Newly-elected Kshama Sawant centered her campaign for City Council on pushing for a $15 minimum wage.

Reverse the falling standards of living, the rapid slide to the bottom while the super wealthy and the big corporations are raking it in, she said.

The newly launched website aims to help the movement, aimed to organize volunteers and donations.

But Justin Boswell won t be signing up.

It s not just big corporations that are against it, regular people are against it, he said.

He says if the ordinance passes, unskilled labor workers won't get the chance for a job he did because they won't be able to compete.

It s going to shut the door of opportunity on so many people, he said.

Down the street at Some Random Bar, there's also distinct distaste for it.

We re only been open six months. We're trying and struggling our way through it and this is definitely going to make it harder for us, said owner Jean Wallace.

Wallace says she can't afford the raise. Employees that get tips would earn as much as she does.

Probably more, she said with a laugh.

It will be very bad for Seattle and the best thing to happen for Bellevue because all of the retailers are going to go right over that bridge, said Boswell.

I think a lot of the people saying that are getting paid much more than $15 an hour, said Mark.

While it would be a new law, those at the meeting Sunday think of it as a new life.

It s closing the gap and that's important, said Williams.

Next week, a rally on Martin Luther King Day is expected to draw thousands for the cause.

Mayor Ed Murray has also declared his support for $15 an hour in Seattle.

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