An explosion rocked an apartment complex and nearby businesses in Seattle's Rainier Valley Tuesday afternoon.

The explosion happened inside a vacant apartment in the back of a building in the 2800 block of South McClellan Street. The force of the blast blew out windows, shattered sliding glass doors and knocked a wall right off the foundation.

No injuries were reported.

Arson Bomb Detectives determined that the explosion was from a hash oil extraction, police said. There was marijuana located in the freezer in a large Pyrex measuring cup and a Butane bottle was next to the refrigerator (Butane is commonly used in the extraction of Hash Oil).

Seattle police also say they found narcotics inside the apartment, which neighbors say has been vacant for a while.

As a precaution, Seattle City Light shut down the gas and electricity. Inspectors will determine whether the building is structurally sound before they allow anyone back inside.

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