The start of another year means more New Year's resolutions that many people will break, if they haven't broken them already, to get fit. Dr. Emily Cooper has some advice on how to adapt your life to keep that resolution intact.

Don't diet: They don't work

Going on a big deprivation diet is just not smart. You can't live that way and your body knows it. Eventually, you will do more harm than good to your metabolism and the weight will come back. You know you've lost the weight before and it came back. It's better to make adaptations you can live with forever instead of a drastic unrealistic ones that will give you a quick fix, but a long-term disaster.

That January kick-start will be your downfall in March. Think about last year and the year before. The diet failed you. You didn't fail the diet. Instead, let's change the conversation to be about health and make this year a healthy new year. Start with eating a balanced diet with foods from ALL the food groups.

Your brain runs on carbs. Your muscles need carbs. Carbs are not the enemy.

Get some sleep

So many of the hormones that regulate your metabolism reboot when you're asleep. The brain really needs that time at rest to function properly. And your body just isn't created to function well for more than a 16-hour period. You really need those 8 hours of sleep.

Eat before AND after exercise

Getting regular exercise is important, but without proper fuel, your exercise isn't going to be productive. Think of your body like a car. When it has oil and gas, it will run smoothly and properly. If there's nothing, the car will sputter and stall out.

Get checked out and don't stress out

If you are due, get your mammograms and other recommended cancer screenings, a blood pressure check and lab work - like your cholesterol, glucose levels, and HBA1C test for diabetes. Get it done this month. It's also important to manage stress.

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