Here s an interesting little fact about the remaining teams in the NFC playoffs to impress your friends and co-workers with this week.

There are four teams remaining -- the top-seeded Seattle Seahawks; Carolina Panthers; San Francisco 49ers; and New Orleans Saints.

The Seahawks are the only one of those teams that has defeated all the others during the regular season. Seattle beat Carolina 12-7 in Week 1, San Francisco 29-3 in Week 2 and New Orleans 34-7 in Week 13.

On the reverse side, the 49ers are the only one of those teams who has lost to all the others during the regular season. San Francisco fell to Seattle in Week 2, Carolina in Week 10 and New Orleans in Week 11.

PHOTOFLASHBACK:Seahawks vs. 49ers on Sunday Night Football

PHOTO FLASHBACK: Seahawks vs. Saints on Monday Night Football

The 49ers split the season series with Seattle, beating the Seahawks 19-17 in a Week 14 matchup in San Francisco.

The Saints and Panthers split their season series as well.

There is a similar story playing out in the AFC. Of the four remaining teams, the top-seeded Denver Broncos are the only one that has lost to the other three Indianapolis, New England and San Diego. The Broncos did split the season series with the Chargers, with each team winning on the road.

The Seahawks host the Saints on Saturday. The winner will face the victor of Sunday's Panthers-49ers game.

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