A collision on Interstate 5 south of Joint Base Lewis-McChord killed one person and shut down all southbound lanes for 11 hours Monday.

Rose and Lee Goodwin were right behind the series of crashes.

At first I thought he was trying to make a U-turn, but he was driving too fast to do that, said Lee Goodwin.

The driver of the pick-up has been indentified by Washington State Patrol as 61-year-old Kim Heidebrink of Sacramento, CA. He was heading northbound on I-5 when he crossed over the median into oncoming traffic.

Alvin Williams was riding shotgun next to Darrin Mowry in a box truck when the pick-up drove right into them.

Rolled us over, spun us around, the tractor trailer hit him from the end and we immediately caught flames, said Mowry.

The driver hit in the tractor-trailer, 59-year-old Dale Waver of Jamestown, OH, could not be saved.

But the two inside the box truck climbed out and walked away with help from drivers who had pulled over.

We were trying to get the guy out of the pick-up and to him to see how bad he was hurt, said Lee Goodwin.

The driver of the pick-up survived the crashes, but he was stuck for about an hour.

We knew someone was inside the truck and we couldn't get the door open, said Rose Goodwin.

Once firefighters arrived and peeled back the roof of the cab, they found Army Staff Sergeant Jose Garcia. He had climbed into the truck to stabilize the driver's neck.

It's the same thing anyone would do sir, it's just a good Samaritan thing, said Garcia.

The driver suffered serious injuries that might have been worse if not for help from a total stranger

It's just part of human nature sir, you see someone in need, you just help them out. That's all, said Garcia.

The crash happened around 10:15 a.m. By 2 p.m., all lanes were still blocked, but traffic was getting by slowly on the shoulder and a detour was set up at Mounts Road. Traffic was also moving slowly in the northbound lanes.

Some bus routes were also impacted.

It's not yet known why the pick-up crossed the median.

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