Admit it, grownups. 4-year-old Berkley speaks for all of us when it comes to last minute shopping: I want to get gum! Can I get my balloon first?

The whining intensifies and her mom gets real. You don't want everyone to see you having a meltdown, ok?

The shopping cart wheels are in motion at the QFC in North Seattle on Holman Road. The baking aisle looks more like a two-lane highway as shoppers scan their list.

Sugar, and I need some more flower.

The last minute rush is in overdrive now, unless you're Kit Chamberlin: Done and in record time, too.

I'm pretty proud, Chamberlin said.

For everyone else, the checkstands were lit up with customers lining up who are down to the wire.

There's always something you forgot or that you have to go out and grab last-minute, said Jenny Hyde, still scanning her list.

Certain items lend themselves to last minute. But let's talk turkey. Goin' frozen at this point? Go home! It's too late to thaw that bird out before tomorrow.

Karen Massey's cart is holding a 16-pounder, hard as a rock. No worries, though.

We're doing two dinners, I already got the one yesterday for tomorrow. Then round two on Saturday, Massey said.

Still worried about getting to the store before dinner tomorrow? No worries! QFC is open until 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

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