As the temperatures drop and more winter storms roll in, it can be tough on cyclists battling the elements.

We have a saying in the shop, 'There's no such thing as bad weather, it's bad gear,' said Reinout Schoolderman, Cycle University Store Manager.

Schoolderman remembers riding his bike to school. Now, he rides his bike to work, and it's the best part of his day.

I have so much fun on a bike, said Schoolderman. Even if the weather is bad or I'm having a bad day, when I get back from the ride, I think, 'Boy, was it fun!

Schoolderman said cycling in Seattle is all about the right gear. Fenders are a winter-weather must-have for cyclists.

The last thing you want is a mud streak up your back, said Schoolderman.

Also, since the sun goes down so early now, bright lights are best for your bike for that evening commute.

This particular bike happens to be set up with a Dynamo Hub in the front, so while you're moving, there's a little generator that allows it to turn on, said Schoolderman.

Don't forget winterizing your wardrobe too. Pick water and wind proof jackets. The right gloves are also crucial in the cold, wind and rain. No numb fingers. You'll need them to brake and shift.

Once you have the gear, if you have the clothes, and you commit to it, I think there's a length where it makes sense for people to put on all the stuff and get soaking wet, said Craig Undem, Cyclist. If I'm commuting a mile or two, it's not worth it, but my favorite commute is a 6-10 mile commute.

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