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The Seahawks players are in great shape - after all, they're professional athletes. But when they're not in the game, they get to relax on the bench. But who is up the whole game jumping around? The Sea Gals.

How do the Sea Gals stay fit? There are no dumbbells, exercise bands or jump ropes needed. Pom poms are the equipment of choice for the Sea Gals workout.

Before they dance, they run, stretch, plank, jump, crunch and push. But most of all, they squat.

We just do a lot of squats and lunges, said Sherri Thompson, Sea Gals director. The main reason being, those short little shorts have to have something to hold on to.

So that's the Sea Gals secret. And the version called cross-touch looks so elegant and graceful, but it's a killer.

It doesn't look hard, but people who want to get their hips and their bottom in good shape should do them, said Thompson.

Thompson developed a four-hour workout for the Sea Gals. They don't stop much, so they can approximate the three-hour plus games during which they rarely sit.

Every move is big and strong - way high kicks, dropping into the splits, spins, on your toes - in boots, said Thompson.

So if you get fit like this, you too can look like a Sea Gal - well rounded.

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