SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. A Spokane area woman involved in two horse abuse cases may have had victims somewhere else. Janice Hickerson was charged with 21 counts of animal cruelty in July of 2013.

SCRAPS was back on Hickerson s West Plains property on Friday. Officials said they seized 63 horses who were hungry and many needed medical attention.

One woman in Oregon contacted KREM 2 News and said her horses were also victims of Hickerson.

Alicia McNeil said she hired Hickerson to transport her horses in late October. McNeil claimed the animals were in Hickerson s care for one week but were returned in horrible condition.

Rocky has scrapes all over his head and on the back, where his halter was, his hair was missing, said McNeil.

McNeil also claimed her horses were obviously hungry when Hickerson dropped them off at her house. McNeil said she found Hickerson s horse transport service through an online site called U-Ship. She claimed she hired Hickerson to haul her three horses from Arizona to Oregon.

McNeil said Hickerson picked her horses up on October 28 and delivered them on November 4.

They were very ribby and their hips were sticking out, said McNeil.

McNeil believed her horses were tied up during the entire trip and banged their heads up as they tried to break free. McNeil said the horses traveled in their own manure for days and were obviously hungry.

I am so mad that she did this to my horses and kept them on the trailer for so long, said McNeil.

She now wants to make sure no horse is mistreated again.

KREM 2 News tried to reach shipping company U-Ship but they did not get back to the requests for comment.

KREM 2 News also attempted to reach Hickerson but her last known phone number has been changed since we last spoke with her in July.

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