SEATTLE -- Mark Mullan was sentenced to 18 years and four months in prison for the March crash that killed Judy and Dennis Schulte and critically injured their daughter-in-law and grandson in northeast Seattle.

Mullan had pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and vehicular assault for the March 25 crash.

Judy and Dennis Schulte - retired teachers from Kokomo, Ind., who had recently moved to Seattle - were crossing the street with family members in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood when they were struck by Mullan's truck.

The couple died at the scene. Their daughter-in-law, Karina Ulriksen-Schulte and her 10-day-old son, Elias, were severely injured. Ulriksen-Schulte suffered a broken pelvis and head injury, and her injuries caused a stroke that has limited her speech. Elias sustained skull fractures.

Mullan, a 51-year-old journeyman electrician with five prior drunken driving arrests, had a blood-alcohol content about three times the legal limit when he hit the family. At the time of the crash, he was on probation from a recent case, his license was suspended, and he was supposed to have installed an ignition interlock device in his truck.

The judge on Friday handed down the maximum sentence of 18 years and added four months to sentence because Mullan did not have the ignition interlock device on his car.

Ulriksen-Schulte, her husband Dan Schulte, who lost his parents in the crash, and other family members faced Mullen in court during his sentencing. The struggled to find the words to express how the event has changed their lives.

We'll obviously never be the same after this preventable tragedy, said an emotional Dan Schulte.

This family has been robbed in so many ways, said another family member.

Ulriksen-Schulte appeared in the courtroom but did not speak. There was no question about her sorrow as she sobbed quietly in court as people described the injuries to her son.

After he was sentenced, Mullan stopped to apologize to the family on his way out of the courtroom.

Family members did not want to talk after the hearing, but told the court they are focused on moving forward.

There are many questions left to be answered about our future, but Ido know my brother and I were raised by parents who gave us solid values and roots. And that we will make something beautiful out of this tragedy, said Marilyn Schulte, Dan Schulte's sister.

KING5's Amy Moreno and Liza Javier contributed to this report.

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