SEATTLE -- The driver responsible for a high-speed fiery crash that killed a young couple and injured a child in Seattle was sentenced by a judge Monday to four years in prison despite a plea deal that would have allowed him to be released right away.

In a plea bargain with King County prosecutors, Daniel Habeeb admitted there was evidence to convict him of vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Habeeb also pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to a second count of vehicular homicide because he crashed in November 2011 during a seizure.

Laura Sheard, 29, and her boyfriend, Kris Martin, 33, were killed. An 11-year-old friend of Habeeb s daughter who was riding in his SUV was injured. His 10-year-old daughter was not seriously hurt.

He had also blamed a mental problem for a crash in January 2009 that killed 65-year-old Susan Peek in Seattle.

The Seattle Times reports prosecutors had recommended a two-year sentence, which would have allowed Habeeb to go free on Monday with credit for time served. After hearing from victim families, the judge gave the 45-year-old the maximum four-year term.

Habeeb will still reportedly be held to the terms of the plea agreement, which includes a ban from driving again.

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