GRANITE FALLS, Wash. -- After Mayor Sheikh Haroon Saleem fired Police Chief Dennis Taylor, Pete and Lisa Childs were among dozens of residents who showed up for Wednesday night's city council meeting. Their message to Mayor Saleem is that they do not want to see Police Chief Dennis Taylor go.

He was fired without cause by Mayor Saleem, and no one still is sure why, said Pete Childs.

The well attended council meeting was missing a key person, Mayor Saleem.

By phone Mayor Saleem said the funeral of a friend kept him away.

When asked why Chief Taylor was fired. Mayor Saleem answered, It was my decision and my decision alone. The city decided to part company with the chief, and the city wants to go into a new direction.

But the Mayor's move has left some stunned and upset.

I understand and I know that the police chief works at the will of the mayor, but the will of the mayor is wrong in this case, said one resident.

Our message to Dennis Taylor was not immediately returned Wednesday night.
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