LACEY, Wash. - Dozens of homeowners in Lacey may have to pay $14,000 for a sewer they have no plans on using.

It just doesn't make sense, said Harold Carr, Sr.

Carr has lived in his home on Skokomish Way since the 1980's.

He routinely services his septic tank and said he has no need for a sewer.

Carr's neighbors down the street who have been sharing a community septic tank are in need of a new sewer extension.

Homeowners along the proposed sewer line, like Carr,would be charged a mandatory fee around $14,000.

Connecting to the line would cost an additional estimated $14,000, according to the city.

Nobody has the cash money to just give them the $28,000, said Carr.

Lacey Public Works Director Scott Egger said extending a sewer line down Skokomish Way will improve property values for Carr and his neighbors, even if they do not intend on connecting to it.

The majority of the impacted neighbors were in favor of the project, according to Egger.

He said it would not be fair to pass on the costs to all of the city's taxpayers.

You wouldn't ask the city... 'I need a new roof. Will you help subsidize the cost of it because it's really, really expensive? said Egger.

Lacey's City Council will hold a public hearing and may vote on the proposal during its meeting at Lacey's City Hall at 7 p.m. Thursday.

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