The first televised debate in the Seattle mayor's race is tonight.

While KING producers and engineers set the cameras and lights, the candidates reflected on the studio match.

I've never been in a televised debate and the Mayor's a trial lawyer and pretty good at it so I hope to hold my own and stay calm, said State Senator Ed Murray.

He's a professional debater. He spent 18 years debating down in Olympia. He's being prepped by Frank Greer, the guy that worked for Clinton and Obama, said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

Murray admits he has been coached and admits he's nervous. Part of what I don't know is where you are, where the cameras are and where to look.

McGinn appeared at a KING 5 debate four years ago taking on opponent Joe Mallahan. McGinn says it was the turning point for the election.

It was important for me four years ago, he said.

Will it come down to strategy or spin? Perhaps the color of their tie?

I am retail challenged, quipped Murray.

I just tried to clean up when I became mayor, McGinn said with a grin.

Watch the mayoral candidates face off in their first televised debate Wednesday at 7 p.m. on KING 5 and and at 8 p.m. on NWCN.

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