HOUSTON - In the first five games of the season, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has thrown nine interceptions. Four of those have been returned for touchdowns. Those Pick 6 passes have happened in a record four straight games, including one against the Seattle Seahawks.

Many Houstonians support him, while others have turned to social media to ask for him to be benched. Others, however, have reportedly taken their complaints beyond Facebook and Twitter.

According to an article by CBS Radio Houston, several angry fans confronted the NFL player at his home on Tuesday evening. Schaub reportedly called NFLsecurity, who phoned police.

Apparently there were no arrests as the fans left before police arrived, according to the report.

A fan went to his house and told him off, the source told CBSHouston, adding that another person took pictures of his family, which were allegedly posted on Facebook. Fortunately, neither Schaub nor anyone in his family was hurt.

Houston police have not commented on the alleged incident.

On a popular anti-Schaub Facebook page, an administrator posted the following message Tuesday night: Bench Matt Schaub does not condone or endorse the incident that has allegedly happened at Matt Schaub's home. Period. We have temporarily disabled all posts to the page.

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