Seattle police are investigating a suspicious death after officers discovered a man's body on Beacon Hill Monday.

Maria Navarite says she noticed a blood trail outside her door when she came home Monday afternoon. I saw the blood all the way to the corner, she says. Navarite and a neighbor followed the trail through a backyard. We saw the guy laying down in the ground.

Police say the incident happened in the 2300 block of 15th Avenue South. The trail wrapped around and between two homes and led to a man's body slumped against a chain link fence in a yard in full view of 15th Avenue South.

It is unclear how long it had been there.

Police say the man had been stabbed and had no identification. At this point, detectives are calling the death suspicious.

Police are asking anyone who heard anything to step forward with information.

For me, it's kind of like I've got to get the guys face on my mind, you know, says Navarite.

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