LYNNWOOD -- It started with a basic Harley Davidson motorcycle, but by the end it was a custom-made, gleaming machine that won a national contest.

In honor of the iconic motorcycle company's 110th anniversary, dealerships across the country were asked to create a custom bike. Emerald City of Lynnwood's design was selected as winner of the national contest.

The bike, a 2010 FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide, has customized sheet metal, wheels, front end, handle bars and hand-painted detailing. Bryan Myers, sales manager at Emerald City Harley Davidson, said, Basically everything on that bike is custom made.

And it's not for sale -- a private customer already purchased the bike for approximately $50,000.

Emerald City of Lynnwood says Harley Davidson motorcyles are a whole new breed in 2014.

General manager Sebastian Bularz said, We now have state of the art bikes. They have gps, surround sound and voice command.

But the new models remain true to the trademark Harley, with roaring engines and black leather seats.

Right now, the company is recognizing a new type of customer -- women, said Bularz.

With more women coming into the store, motorcycles are now being designed specifically for them.

For now the award winning Harley Davidson remains in the showroom at the Emerald City store. But expect to see it cruising on the streets soon.

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