RENTON, Wash. -- You ll forgive Trish Woolery if she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. $500 in dinged windshields will do that to a person.

I ve had the windshield replaced three times in three years, she said.

Three windshields in three years. Then last week, just 15 days after her latest repair, a truck with an uncovered load got her again.

It s right where the other one was just fixed, she said. I m mad as hell!

Woolery is now on a one-woman, quarry-side crusade outside Renton s Black River Gravel Pit. On Tuesday she held signs pleading with truckers to cover their loads and stop dumping on their fellow drivers.

Something s got to be done, she said.

State law only requires drivers to covers their loads if they re within six inches of the tops of their trailer beds.

That needs to change, said Woolery. Why shouldn t they all be covered? Half of them have covers attached to the trucks and they don t use them.

Rocks into windshields are among the most common complaints by drivers across Western Washington, but getting compensation isn t easy. While some companies will take your word for a claim if you can prove the time and location, many others simply ignore you. And going to the police is often pointless as well.

It s a case of he said, she said, according to a Washington State Patrol spokesman. There isn t much we can do if there isn t solid proof.

But Trish Woolery isn t buying it. She stood on the side of the road Tuesday writing down license plate numbers of trucks violating the law.

I m turning them over to the Renton Police Department, she said. They re making money and they re costing the people money. That s wrong.

The State Patrol encourages drivers to report trucks seen spilling debris down the road. They will contact the company and issue warnings. You can report violators at the WSP website.

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