CLE ELEM, Wash. Tom Ladson is taking the trip he s been dreaming of his entire life.

He wanted to go on an adventurous trip when he graduated from high school, but his parents talked him into going to college. After graduating, he was ready to go on that big trip.

Alright, time to hit the road, Ladson remembers thinking, but that s when the loans came due.

After getting two degrees, Ladson found himself nearly $100,000 in debt. Despite his education, he couldn t find a job that paid much more than minimum wage.

When his parents said they would pay off his debt, he decided to hit the road.

It s been years of being a frustrated, angry person. I don t like that. I m going to walk it off, said Ladson during a break in Cle Elem.

Last month he flew from his home state of Pennsylvania to Seattle and got a ride to Cape Alava, the western-most spot on the continent. He is hoping to make it back home without using any motorized form of transportation.

I m going to walk, I m going to ride, sail, kayak do whatever it takes, Ladson said.

He has enjoyed the scenery, despite last week s rain.

Ladson said he has been surprised by how generous people have been when they hear his story. He s received free meals and someone offered to dry his clothes for him.

They love being a part of it, they love helping me on my way, said Ladson.

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