A 70-year-old man was allegedly shoved into the street by a bicyclist Friday morning and was almost hit by an SUV in Bellingham.

The Bellingham Herald reports it happened on Northwest Avenue near Illinois Street around 11:20 a.m.

The man s head hit the asphalt. The driver of the SUV said he narrowly avoided hitting the victim. He did not have serious injuries.

The victim reportedly told police he d seen a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk in the same area earlier in the day and told the cyclist he should be riding in the bike lane. The man was not sure if his attacker was the same cyclist.

Police released a photo of the suspect, which was taken by a witness at the scene when the suspect hesitated for a moment. He s described as white, in his 30 s and about 5 feet 8 inches tall. He had dark hair and a day s growth of a beard. He wore a dark t-shirt, khaki cargo pants, a black hat with a white design on the front and had a dark backpack. He was riding a Diamondback mountain bike with red handlebars and red wheels.

Anyone who knows the suspect and where to find him can call 911 or (360) 676-6911

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