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BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Local Egyptians took to the streets in Bellevue Wednesday, protesting the wave of violence in Egypt that have resulted in hundreds of deaths.

A nighttime curfew is currently in place in Egypt. Riots erupted after Cairo police swept away two encampments of supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The Egyptian government says 235 civilians and 43 police officers have been killed; at least 2,000 people have been injured.

The violence drew condemnation from other predominantly Muslim countries and also from the West. In Bellevue, a group of about 30 protesters - many of whom have family members in Egypt - marched along Bellevue Way, holding signs in protest of the killings. They support the protesters who have been demanding former President Morsi be reinstated and don't want their country to be bullied by security forces. They say the violence that happened in Egypt flies in the faces of democracy.

I don't have a personal goal. What I'm doing here is expressing my anger over what happened and I would love to see our country restoring a constitutional process, restoring democracy and respecting human rights, said Hatim Aiad, one of the protest organizers. He says thankfully his family in Egypt is safe, but a close friend of his was captured and killed Wednesday.

More to follow.

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