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SEATTLE -- More than 5 hours before the first pitch you could see a long line outside of Safeco Field that had a lot to do with one person.

Griffey, shouted young fan Camden Vincon. He traveled from Longview, Wash. to watch the ceremony with his dad.

He is the face of Seattle, said fan Cathy Oakes of Lake Stevens. No big ego or anything like that, he just loved to play baseball.

Brad Asche of Mill Creek said, I think it is important to all of us because we are here for Ken Griffey Jr., for the legacy he had.

On the day when Ken Griffey Junior, who spent 13 seasons in Seattle, was being inducted into the Mariner's Hall of Fame, fan were focused on the unforgettable moments.

The slide of '95, said Oakes.

That moment was when Edgar hit the base hit, and they waived Griffey in, said Asche.

He didn t even look at the first base coach. He just kept on running and slid right in, said Oakes.

Seeing not only him shine, but the whole team just kind of working together was amazing, said Anna Haines.

There is no smile like Ken Griffey Jr. either. Just an awesome guy, a great father, and I am just glad to have him as part of the Mariners, added Sandra Wilson of Everett

Griffey was drafted by Seattle in 1987 with the No. 1 overall pick, made his debut at the major league level two years later and went on to have one of the finest careers in baseball history.

Griffey finished with 630 home runs -- sixth all-time -- and was a 13-time All-Star and the 1997 American League MVP.

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