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A summer storm made its way north through Puget Sound and the Cascades Wednesday.

South of Issaquah, a tree fell and struck a woman standing on her porch. Family members said the woman suffered a broken hip.

East side dispatch confirmed that lightning struck a home at 22300 Northeast 29th Place in Sammamish. No one was hurt in the strike, but neighbors say it was a scary scene.

Loud, loud explosions, literally sounded like a bomb, said NickMains, who watched the lightning strike his neighbor's house. And I saw it along my fence line and saw the flash of lights and saw parts of fence fly off as well.

Paul Jennerjohn wasn't home when it happened, but his wife and dog were both inside the house that got hit.

So my wife called and said they'd had a direct lightning strike to the house and there was a fire and she smelled smoke, he said.

Eastlake Fire & Rescue responded, and put out a small fire in the crawl space of Jennerjohn's home. He says the house suffered some electrical and smoke damage, but it was outside the home where mother nature really showed her strength.

Yeah the gutters are literally blown apart, he said. They're just off the house, laying on the ground.

The bigger concern for Puget Sound Energy was that the lightning also hit a gas line in the Summer Ridge subdivision.

Crews cut the power in the neighborhood for several hours as they worked to repair the leak.

Eastlake Fire & Rescue remained on the scene as a precaution, but say evacuations weren't necessary.

Viewers reported lightning and thunder from Enumclaw to Lake Stevens, as well as numerous other locations.

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