PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A coffee company newcomer asked for volunteers to help clean up a nearby river and 50 hands went up.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters of Vermont launched a manufacturing center in Sumner just a few years ago, and on Wednesday started building a strong environmental foundation on the banks of the Puyallup River. The volunteers spread out, with garbage snatchers and bags, and dug in.

They came by boat and on the banks and found mountains of beer cans, bottles, fishing gear and other garbage strewn along the river.

Sterling Hatch spends his nights supervising a shift at Green Mountain, but he spends his off time fishing the Puyallup. He was stunned by the level of trash he found, but got excited about the chance to join co-workers to clean it up.

Green Mountain conducted several of the cleanups Wednesday at their sites across the country. This one appears destined to become an annual event.

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